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Tips and tricks and behind-the scenes for couples looking for unique wedding invitations and a hassle-free experience.

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If there's something I love more than paper, its helping savvy couples search for wedding invitations and stationery that truly suits them.  I hail from Melbourne, Australia, and would love to be stationery soulmates!

I'm Natalie


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Ever wondered what to write on your wedding invites?  Look no further, everything you need to know is listed here! Planning what to write before you design your invitations will help narrow down the invitation design.  The amount of information can guide how many cards you need and the format that the invitations will take, […]

What to Write on Wedding Invites

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When you come to plan your wedding stationery, you might feel a little unsure about what you will need beyond wedding invitations.  There is actually a whole range of options and tricks that might suit your big day when it comes to on-the-day stationery.  Each on-the-day stationery element adds another layer to the special details […]

Three things you might not have considered for your on the day stationery

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Ask these questions when choosing your wedding invitations designer to get the best stationery for you! I’ve spoken to a lot of couples at wedding expos and open days, and I love helping them on their journey to get the right invitations for them.  It’s so good when they ask questions, because it means I […]

More questions to ask your wedding invitations designer

Green and gold tropical painted invitations

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These invitations are some of the most unique wedding invitations in Australia.  Ok, they’re three of my invitations, but I’m biased right?!  I want to show you what’s possible, and tell you exactly why you want your stationery to stand out from the crowd. Your wedding invitations give your guests the first experience of your […]

The Most Unique Wedding Invitations in Australia

Wedding invitations sample pack

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When you’re shopping around for your wedding stationery, you’ll want to meet with a few stationers. It’s a good idea to talk to them about their process and how to go about choosing your invitations.  Start with these four questions to ask your wedding invitations designer, and be fully informed about who you are about […]

Questions to ask your wedding invitations designer

Save the date card with ginkgo leaf design and plum envelope

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Ever wondered about the hows and whys of save the date cards?  Do you need save the date cards at all?  They’re a popular element of your wedding stationery, but let’s find out if you even need them. Your wedding invitations contain all the information your guests need about the big day (or days!). They […]

Do you need save the date cards?

Full hand-painted wedding invitations suite with pink paint and envelope

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I know – you’ve read everything there is to know about the price of invitations and wedding budgets more broadly. You’ve never planned a wedding before, and hardly anyone has their prices on their website, so how are you supposed to budget? Well, I challenge you to take a new perspective… I can’t really tell […]

How Much Do Wedding Invitations *Really* Cost?

Natural brown wedding invitation with a pocket and contemporary fonts and a simple minimalist moon graphic.

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I get it. You’ve never planned a wedding before – how do you develop your wedding style? There are so many beautiful styles out there, where do I even start? Start here – these are the first steps to planning the style and theme of your wedding, without getting lost in all the options. I […]

The Best Way to Develop your Wedding Style