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If there's something I love more than paper, its helping savvy couples search for wedding invitations and stationery that truly suits them.  I hail from Melbourne, Australia, and would love to be stationery soulmates!

I'm Natalie


Getting to Know Melbourne Wedding Photographer Ada and Ivy

Behind the Scenes

November 14, 2023

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On the blog I’ve interviewed Melbourne Wedding Photographer Brenna from Ada and Ivy. She’s sharing some helpful tips for couples, and her perspective on timeless images that reflect the joy that comes on your wedding day. Let’s jump in!

Melbourne wedding photographer Brenna from Ada and Ivy
Brenna from Ada and Ivy

About Ada and Ivy

Ada and Ivy is all about fun, creative, romantic and real images that can be enjoyed for years to come. Whether it’s celebrating a wedding day, the joy of a new baby or even just hanging out with the family, I create a set of images that truly reflect these moments. I capture the chaos to the wonderful happiness and everything in between.

A career behind the camera was always on the cards for me, something I worked towards from teen years. I completed a Fine Art degree after graduating high school and worked in the photographic industry. Then I started work for photography studios where I gained the majority of my experience- particularly with weddings.

I began Ada and Ivy when I started my own family, a time when huge change in my own life created space for me to seek what I really wanted – a hugely rewarding business that attracts like minded couples and families, lovely people that value beautiful, honest imagery that they can be proud of.

Melbourne wedding photographer Ada and Ivy took an epic shot at Zonzo Estate with the two parties next to each other but separated by a partition.
Image at Zonzo Estate

What is the origin of the name Ada and Ivy?

Like I mentioned, Ada and Ivy was begun when I started my own family, actually during those early months after my first son Andy was born.

Ada is a family name on my husband’s side and Ivy is a family name from my family, both names passed down from Grandmothers.

I see the choice to marry your partner or have a child together- or really just to make that choice to spend your life with someone as the creation of a new family. It’s the combining of two already existing families to start a new one. It felt right to use the two family names, considering the timing of the new beginning in my own life and the life stages I aim to photograph for my clients.

What do you love about photographing weddings in particular?

I love the restless energy, excitement and happiness of a wedding day. It’s so easy to get caught up in! What a happy job hey? The love and joy of it all, its truly rewarding. I have been a wedding photographer for quite a time now – I adore how I am still seeing new things, unpredictable moments and unique ways people celebrate their weddings.

How would you describe your wedding photography style?

I guess I would say I have a romantic, timeless style with a natural and fun approach. It’s important to me that I create a set of images for my couples to look back on in years to come and they still look relevant. The images don’t date and they take them straight back to those moments.

What should couples be considering when they are looking for the right Melbourne wedding photographer for them?

Can they see themselves in the work they’re looking at? If they can, that often means they like the style of imagery and will feel comfortable with what they receive.

More importantly though, do they like the photographer? Try to get an idea of who’s going to be invited to your wedding – have a chat on the phone, a video call or an in person meeting. Think about whether you could hang out with them all day. This is truly the best idea and easiest way to work out if they are a good fit for them.

What is something that you wish more couples knew about wedding photography?

Perhaps that the photographer’s experience is SO important to your end game. Once you’ve enjoyed the celebration, the photos and films are what’s left to continue enjoying. You want them to be what you want – something you’re happy with and proud of.

An experienced wedding photographer will roll with the day, making the most of whatever your day brings, while ensuring you just enjoy it. They know how to create magic in all situations and make sure you’re having the best time.

Do you have a top wedding photography tip for couples?

Don’t worry if you feel awkward or nervous in front of the camera. I reckon 99% of all my couples tell me they’re ‘not photo people’.  That’s not a problem! It’s a wedding day, not a photoshoot. Just trust your photographer, they will guide you on what to expect, what’s next and make sure you’re comfy.

Also – make sure you allow 10 minutes somewhere in the reception to have a drink or something to eat with each other and take it all in. The day goes so fast.  This doesn’t have to be planned necessarily, I often find that my couples really enjoy the sunset photo time for this as they are just on their own and it’s a nice moment to have with each other.

Tell us about one of your favourite weddings you have worked on.

How do I choose one haha?!

Spotting some whales while photographing a wedding in Byron Bay was a pretty awesome moment. We all kind of just stopped what we were doing to watch them.

Or recently – photographing a wedding at sunrise in Uluru. The light is so crisp and beautiful that time of day. The quiet stillness of Uluru is truly amazing, you feel like the only souls around.

But really- it’s all those meaningful moments rolled into one – wonderful things said in speeches or vows, time with family who you don’t often see, kids being kids, hugs from grandparents. There’s always a fave moment at each wedding.

What sort of budget can couples expect to invest in a wedding photographer?

This is one of the hardest questions haha!

Based on level of experience and value, I would say from $4-5k, somewhere in that range and up from there as style gets more specific (artistic/editorial).

What trends are you seeing at the moment in Melbourne wedding photography?

Film photography has resurfaced for some, which is lovely.

Hollywood flash- bright, high contrast images using direct flash- perfect for a bit of fun during the reception.

What are your thoughts on a first look – yay or nay?

I’m all for a first look if you have limited time after your ceremony and would prefer to complete your photos prior so you can just get into the party time with your guests. It can also help if you’re thinking of doing your own vows to one another in private, or if you are super nervous about walking down the aisle – it can help minimise those nerves for sure.

The only thing to consider is, if you’re keen on really fun party photos with your wedding crew, it can be hard to get that vibe prior to the ceremony. Sometimes then that time becomes just about getting the photos out of the way, less about enjoying that time newly married with your fave people.

I always discuss these options with my couples and we always choose the best fit for each of them. Your photographer will guide you.

I would love your take on the feared “rain on your wedding day” – what can you or the couple do to make the most of bad weather?

For anyone working in weddings and events if we could have one super power on the day it would be to control the weather, and maybe time too haha.

Just trust your team on the day and just enjoy is truly the best thing you can do. Don’t worry if the dress gets wet/dirty- I always try to keep everyone as dry and comfy as I can, as much as I can- the things dry cleaners can do are equivalent to small miracles and that can be tomorrow’s problem.

Even on the worst conditions, as long as you’re married and together you will have a fab time I promise! Some of the best images happen in the five minutes between weather (think rainbows and sun showers too).

What do you do when you’re not taking photos?

When I’m not taking photos, I’m a mum to 2 young boys and I also admin my husbands business. I love art galleries, Japanese food, wine, gin, pastries, cheese, reading, creating art, catching up with friends- so any activities involving any of those things is a fave of mine.

We’re also slowly renovating our home, you can usually find me at a Bunnings somewhere haha.

Mainly though- enjoying my family as much as I can, so grateful for them.

If you love this amazing Melbourne wedding photographer’s vibe, check out Brenna’s website and Instagram, and take a look at some of the collaborations we have done together here.

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If there's something I love more than paper, its helping savvy couples search for wedding invitations and stationery that truly suits them.  I hail from Melbourne, Australia, and would love to be stationery soulmates!

I'm Natalie